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Paillis BRF

A Ramial Chipped Wood Mulch
100% Made Locally


Eliminates weeding task after two applications.

Eliminates the need to water plants.

Increases the quality and crop yield by 30%.

Made from renewable resources.

Improves biodiversity and soil structure (mycelium).

Creates a natural carbon sink (permaculture).

Eliminates the need to add agricultural input: fertilizers and compost.



Sold in bulk, opt for our delivery service or schedule an appointment to pickup your order at our farm in L'Ange-Gardien.

Ramial Chipped Wood Mulch


Our RCW is produced from small branches of leafy woody plants. It's in the young twigs and branches that we find all the essential elements needed for plants to grow (proteins, sugars, amino acids). Just like the high nutrient content in microgreens.


To obtain an excellent RCW, it is essential that the freshly chipped wood branches are piled as a composting mound of more than 2 meters in order to heat the woody material between 60° and 70°C. This method ensures a product free of seeds, harmful pathogens and insects larvae. Once the process is complete and the nitrogen starvation risk is gone, the creation of mycelium begins. At this point, the RCW is optimal for use. 

Wood Wide Web

RCW provides rapid development of an underground mycelium network. This underground network performs several major biological functions for plants. It fuses with the roots to create complex nutrients (nitrogen, phosphate, nitrate) to deliver them to the plants through the sap. In exchange, the plants provide sugars to the mycelia through these roots which the microorganisms use to create new complex chains of nutrients. This exchange and communication network is commonly known as the Wood Wide Web.  

Ramial Chipped Wood
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